The three stages

In his excellent book 'Blood Knots', Luke Jennings wrote:

"The late Bernard Venables, author of the classic Mr Crabtree fishing books, used to say that there are three stages to the angler's evolution. To begin with, as a child, you just want to catch fish - any fish. Then you move to the stage where you want to catch big fish. And finally, with nothing left to prove, you reach a place where it's the manner of the catch that counts, the rigour and challenge of it, at which point the whole thing takes on an intellectual and perhaps even a philosophical cast. I tried this out on a pike-angling friend of mine, the rock guitarist Rene Berg. 'It's like with women, then? he said thoughtfully."

I think that we could legitimately alter that last comment to "It's like with birding, then?"


Stewart said…
Spot on Steve, thats ME!And I used to read Crabtree too...
Steve Gale said…
I thought it might strike a chord with you, Stewart.

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