In an English suburban garden

Least Black Arches - not so uncommon in Banstead
Greenbottle - common but better than a Bee-eater close up!
Mid-afternoon and I've been doing what all good men with 2.4 children, a job and a dog do on a sunny weekend - gardening, minor chores, being sensible. When I was in my late teens I swore I would never get sucked into domesticity, but hey....
The MV produced a Least Black Arches, a species that has become commoner over the last few years. I couldn't resist going for a picture of the Greenbottle. They really are stunning up close and underated as one of the wonders of the garden. There's still time for a flyover Red Kite before I pack away my Alan Titchmarsh gardening gloves.


Anonymous said…
"I swore I would never get sucked into domesticity, but hey...."

It happens to us all, Steve. I did 3 lots of bedding (washing) yesterday, inbetween my outings. If only the other half knew how to use the washing machine ;-)
Steve Gale said…
I used to get depressed at the sound of a lawnmower - now I use one... not very rock 'n' roll. is it?

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