Saturday, 26 November 2011

Birding, for a change

After all of that pan-species malarky I thought that I'd better get back out birding before my bins and scope were confiscated and I was publicly pronounced 'lapsed'.

Beddingtom Sewage Farm was my venue of choice. The birding reflected the weather, being non-descript and dull with the odd bright spell. A single Water Pipit gave itself up along with 7 Green Sandpipers. A feature of the farm these days is the gathering of feeding and loafing Grey Herons, no fewer than 88 being on show, mostly on the islands of the north lake. As always, Tree Sparrows took advantage of the well-stocked feeders.

I did grill the gulls although nothing got the pulse racing. I read two colour rings - TJ6T black lettering on red, left leg of an adult Lesser BB Gull - plus AV71 black lettering on orange, left leg of a first-winter Herring - but my quick look on the European colour ringing website failed to identify where they might have been ringed.

The first-winter Common Gull (above) is a gift to a certain red booble-hatted Devonian birder who likes his gulls almost as much as he likes his Giant Chocolate Buttons. Which reminds me, he still owes me a bag...

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Gavin Haig said...

It's not every day that I visit a blog and get a prezzie. I must return the compliment by looking out for some interesting slimy stuff to photograph! ;o)