Thursday, 29 March 2012

Moths that won't keep still... this Tawny Pinion. I gave up in the end as it would only settle when it was cosy in a pot. I don't like to hold on to a moth for too long, so I accepted that the photo would include vibrating wings. However, the neatness of the thoracic crest is still obvious. This is only the eighth to be trapped in the garden in over 25 years.

This week I have been spending my lunchtimes walking the suburbia of the north Surrey sprawl trying to find a Holly Blue. I've not seen one in March before and what with the weather being perfect for early butterflies at the moment didn't want to miss my chance. Today the time spent peering into front gardens paid off as one of the little beauties fluttered down the middle of a road and made my day.


Peter Alfrey said...

I had a Holly Blue in the street today- made my day too (and caught an Early Grey at last)

Anonymous said...

Steve, i find it`s the smallest of the micro sp`s that won`t stay still, even when fridged for a few hours. Jumpy little blighters.

Skev said...

I've spent hours of my life impatiently waiting for moths to have the decency to sit still and pose. You'd think that over the last 12 or so years that I've been trying, I'd have a hard-fast perfected technique I could share ..... I haven't.

Steve Gale said...

Peter: better than a Bittern?

Dean: I haven't really attempted much micro photography, but will have a go.

Skev: I was banking on you having a technique to impart!