Friday, 27 April 2012

75-80 species prediction

Tomorrow sees the Beddington Farm Bird Group 'Big Day'. I will be going along, not only to enjoy the festivities, but to also head off the rumours that I'm joining Vicarman in the 'member least likely to be using his key' category. I reckon 75-80 species tomorrow - let's see how close I get.

For a birder who doesn't take listing too seriously, I do like a bit of competition, so will arrive at the farm very early. If, by lunchtime, it is plainly obvious that I have no chance of being the day's big lister I can always throw the toys out of the pram and head home for an afternoon of Sky Sports News with Jeff Stelling.

1 comment:

Factor said...

The weather is going to be rubbish, so the afternoon session sounds good to me! The Holmethorpe bird race is on Sunday and the weather is supposed to be even worse!