Sunday, 29 April 2012

April. How was it for you?

We bid April 2012 farewell tomorrow. It's been bloody wet, hasn't it...

Birds: the weather saw to it that there were more than a few good species recorded locally. Inland patches need inclement weather to push down migrating waders and terns for us to see them. So, a procession of Whimberls, Barwits, Grey Plovers, Ringed Plovers et al helped to keep the spirits up because, if you were out looking for passerines, you were out of luck. Unless you count Ring Ouzels. They seemed to be popping up all over the place. I don't know why either...

Moths: what's a moth? The MV remained indoors and my big year list push is moribund. Stupid idea in the first place. A whole month's inactivity means that I'm champing at the bit to switch on for the next decent night. Just in time for hawk-moths and prominents I reckon.

Plants: sad to say, I've not done much looking. I know that stuff is out, because other blogs have said so, and have photographic evidence to prove it.

Pan-species: where as last year I gave this a good go, so far this year it has taken a back seat. Not forgotten, just momentarily on hold.

Blogging: this month has seen my lowest number of posts since I started. My 'rent-a-mouth' persona has been depressed and there hasn't been much activity as outlined above.

So, welcome May. Just be kinder with the weather please.

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Jerry said...

That's droughts for you Steve!!! I think the drought in moths could be eased tonight - well that's my theory anyway (so that'll be precious few moths again in the morning!).