The Class of 2012 plus more worthy blogs

I finally caught up with some of the 'Waxwing Class of 2012' yesterday morning. Up to 34 birds were taking advantage of a 'champagne-pink' berried rowan in Ewell. I bowled up, found them sat at the top of a conifer, took up my position perched on a low wall and then had close encounters as they came down to the rowan tree to feed. A Carrion Crow spooked them off and I was flushed away by twitching curtains in a nearby house - I hate birding in residential streets.

Lee Dingain's blog has been added to my list of 'worthies'. He only lives about three miles from me but I don't know if we've ever crossed telescopes before - ridiculous really, seeing that we share so much common interest. Where as I'm becoming more sedentary, Lee seems to spend as much time in South America as in North Surrey, so vicarious thrills for us all! It also came to my attention that I hadn't put Benny 'Boy' Mothman's blog on my list even though I regularly visit it, so that has been put right. It's well worth a visit to see what's going on just north and east of London and is a real treat to browse through. What are you waiting for? Go and visit them...


Lee Dingain said…
Many thanks Steve for the plug and adding my blog to your list. I really appreciate it. I must say I enjoy your blog enormously and look forward to reading further posts about your Uber patch.
Steve Gale said…
And many thanks to you too Lee. I hope 2013 is a good one for you.

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