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When I look back on 2012, one thing dominates, and that was the summer month that I spent at Dungeness. It was a pleasure and privilege to be able to walk away from my work and live the life of a 'birding bum'. Having said that, I spent most of the time looking at plants and moths. To be a free spirit and wander across the shingle was, in a way, an exercise in time travel, as it recaptured the summers of the late 1970s when I did exactly the same. Age has given me an appreciation of other natural history orders and an understanding that to be able to act in such a carefree way is something that should not be taken for granted. Once I was back in the office the break took on a golden glow...

Blogging, tweeting, texting - they are all useful technological tools. I have found myself a slave to them all but at the same time bored by them. Too many banal messages (I'm as guillty as anyone else), repetitive images (Waxwings, Waxwings, Waxwings) and unfunny in-jokes have driven me to the edge of giving up on the whole bloody lot. But then again somebody does something useful with it and I am brought back to the realisation that it has its place after all.

Unless something stunning happens I will not post again until the new year. The blog will undergo a bit of a rethink. I have ideas for 2013 which are terribly modest but will reconnect me with my 'study' at a far more basic and useful level.

Thanks for dropping by. Have a good holiday period and I'll hopefully see you again soon.


Jerry said…
Thanks for this years posts Steve; as far as I'm concerned, you are never banal. Heres to more golden glows" in 2013 (and hopefully still, "something stunning" at the but end of 2012).
Steve Gale said…
Many thanks Jerry and may you and your family have a peaceful Christmas

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