Day-flying moths

At last some hot, sunny, dry and calm weather. Ranmore was my place of choice, with the slopes at Denbigh's and White Downs being checked. There was a lot more insect activity than of late, but butterfly numbers were still poor, although these did include 4 Adonis Blues.

Day-flying moths were to the fore, with 100+ Five-spot Burnet, 4 Lace Border, 3 Burnet Companion and single Mother Shipton and Clouded Buff.

I was pleased to finally catch up with Woundwort Shieldbug, found on Hedge Woundwort. A smart little fella.

Lace Border - restricted to the North Downs in Surrey and Kent, plus outlying colonies in Gloucestershire and Norfolk
Burnet Companion - foodplants are clovers, trefoils and vetches
Mother Shipton - named after the outline of the old crone's face
Five-spot Burnet. Why isn't it Narrow? Don't ask me, but earlier flight time and habitat would point to this species.

Woundwort Shieldbug on a Hedge Woundwort leaf


Billy Dykes said…
Lace Border, eh? I think I know where I'm going to be on Saturday then...
Steve Gale said…
Bill, all four Lace Borders were at the eastern end of White Downs. Easily disturbed and settle quickly. Good luck!

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