A rare bird-footballing joke

I may have written the first rare bird - footballing joke. I was so pleased with it that I tweeted the thing and now I am recycling it as a blog post. Here it is...

BOOM! Ivory Gull seen on the pitch at White Hart Lane feeding on the corpse of Tottenham Hotspur.

Now, for those of you that know nothing about birding and football (or only a bit about one of those subjects), I'd better explain the construction of the said joke.

BOOM! - used ironically to lampoon a small section of the birding glitterati to announce the finds of rare birds.

IVORY GULL - a topical rarity, as a few have been seen in Scotland, NE England and now Yorkshire.

WHITE HART LANE - home ground of Tottenham Hotspur (my team)

CORPSE - Ivory Gulls are well known for scavenging on the corpses of cetaceans washed up on beaches

TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR - have just been beaten by Liverpool 5-0 at White Hart Lane

If there are any budding stand-up comics out there, you can have this one free of charge.


Dylan Wrathall said…
I listened to the debacle on "5 - Live" - Liverpool were so much better today! You might now have grasp of what it's like to support QPR?
Steve Gale said…
My younger brother is a QPR supporter Dyl - at least he remembers the golden days of Gerry Francis!
Dylan Wrathall said…
I remember Jimmy Greaves, and had the pleasure of seeing Rodney Marsh and Stan Bowles entertaining the crowds at Loftus Road - it doesn't make it any easier! I think that the most frustrating thing about being a supporter (not a player) is there is absolutely nothing you can/could have done to change things. Your choice of football team being a blessing, or burden, in line with the time and place in which you were born - hence the disproportionate number of Man U. supporters that live south of Watford Gap!
Just five more days at work? Get the clocks down from the walls and spend as much time, as possible, saying your good-byes. As we say at FSIS - "Don't look back; look forwards" To infinity and beyond (a quote from Buzz Lightyear - well grandkids do that to you) - 20th December 2013 is a water shed moment in the life of an individual guy, but it will be the inhabitants of Blogland that reap the benefits. Happy days to come. - Dyl
Steve Gale said…
Cheers Dyl, as you say, a water-shed moment. All I've now got to do is find a pitch from where to sell copies of 'The Big Issue'
Paul Trodd said…
Life long suffering QPR fan here too - and you can keep you grubby mitts off our `arry!
Steve Gale said…
I didn't want him to go in the first place! Jurgen Klopp, Gus Hiddink or Michael Laudrup please!

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