Time for a change

After 33 years of continuous full-time employment I'm now a free agent. So, if you are in need of a freelance graphic designer, art editor or need help with a bird survey, please let me know.

My extra 'free' time will mean a bit more of it being spent in the field, so the pan-listing should benefit, and I might actually find a decent bird locally - it's been a while.

Apart from 'doing the right thing' and being on hand to carry out the domestic chores that need attention, I will endeavour to write and paint my way to competence.

2014 will be very interesting indeed...


Factor said…
Very interesting! All the best with that, Steve. You'll never look back. What subject matter/type of design are you planning to focus on?
Steve Gale said…
Anything that pays, Neil. As you know only too well, a half-decent designer should be able to turn their hand to most subjects. I'm handy with InDesign and Photoshop and plan to get better with Illustrator. By the way, I thought the Jeremy Early book that you designed looked very good indeed - and that's not a case of me being a creep, honest!
Steve Gale said…
Sort of Alan - semi-retired might be more accurate. I hope to pick up freelance work or get a part-time position. I would also like to get involved in 'new' areas. Any tips?

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