Tart's tick on gorse

I have to admit to 'ticking' a terribly common micro-moth today, one that swarms on gorse and of which I most probably saw three figures worth this morning - Cydia ulicetana. I can almost feel the mocking looks coming my way from fellow lepidopterists and pan-listers who find it hard to believe that someone - such as me - who pretends to have at least half a finger on the pulse of our wildlife can have got so far in this game without knowingly having clapped eyes on something so hideously common. I saw it on Banstead Downs by the way...

Later in the afternoon I joined David Campbell for a most agreeable wander over Canons Farm, Banstead Woods and Fames Rough. The birding was hard work, but we did see Dingy Skipper and Green Hairstreak at Fames Rough.

Green Hairstreak, on Wild Strawberry at Fames Rough
Cydia ulicetana - shame on you Gale...
Gorse Shieldbug - dig the red antennae!


Gibster said…
(Ignoring the ulicetana for the moment...) no mocking looks from this direction, Steve. Providing, of course, you noticed the Mirificarma mulinella all over the gorse petals, the Daldinia fissa on the burnt stems and the Exapion ulicis all over the thorny bits....but of course you did! Bravo, good work my dear man! ;)
Steve Gale said…
Seth, this quite clearly demonstrates your brilliance and my ignorance... but ignorance is bliss!

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