Globe theatre

No, I haven't gone all Shakespearean on you...

After walking the footpaths that cross Epsom and Walton Downs, and failing to tickle a single ornithological taste bud, it was a relief to come across this stand of Blue Globe-thistle, at the foot of the race course. I have known it here for several years, and it was a sturdy patch back then, no doubt the result of a dumping of earth. Some botanists dislike aliens with a passion, whereas I am quite fond of them.

There is a very good second brood of Holly Blue here in Surrey. Wherever I wander I am coming across them, even over the past couple of days, which have been dark and dismal. To see one flitting along a hedgerow in a heavy drizzle can lift the moment instantly.


Derek Faulkner said…
That's a great patch of flowers to have in the countryside Steve, even if they shouldn't be there. I have a couple of plants in my garden and they're great for attracting bees and butterflies and so imagine that your much larger patch must provide a similar service.
Holly blues doing well here too! Our globe thistles in Notts are mainly over now however.

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