The birding gift of giving

Yesterday's appeal for birds to be sent to the impoverished DUNGENESS BIRDERS was a great success. Many thanks to those of you that gave generously to this worthy cause. In particular, we must mention:

TONY BROWN (The Cowboy Birder) who generously donated a PALLAS'S WARBLER from Essex. Seeing that this species would have been a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence on his own patch says an awful lot about the kindness of the birders from that much-maligned county. Almost all of those present today were able to watch this BOOM!RARE!CRACKINGSPRITE! Thanks Tony!

ASHDOWN FOREST RSPB GROUP who, by holding a coffee morning, raised enough to send a DARTFORD WARBLER to the shingle. Although this bird was only seen by two birders, it gave the day hope before Tony's PALLAS'S arrived.

We had been told that a special delivery was on its way from FAIR ISLE, and that SPURN was considering handing over one of its spare BLUETAILS. The BOU have apparently scheduled a meeting for April 2019 to discuss if it will respond to the appeal.

Just because today gave hope to the forlorn denizens of the Dungeness shingle does not mean that they do not need further donations. Suggested gifts include:


Thank you for your continuing support!


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