Pretentious? Moi?

The seas and skies at Dungeness are never anything short of inspirational. All of the following images have not been digitally enhanced at all. This is what it actually looked like. I have given them names because I am deeply pretentious.

Burnished Brass
Torn ribbon
Spun gold
Here comes the calm


They are actually good names for colours found at a hipster DIY and Painting outlet
Yossarian said…
Great pix. When I try for pix like this I find it hard to get detail in sky and land/sea. ie, if the sky is good, then the sea/land is too dark and vice versa. For added pretentiousness I think you should reveal your camera, aperture settings and iso.
Steve Gale said…
Good observation there Simon... like it.
Steve Gale said…
Sorry to dIsappoint you Yossarian, but they were all taken with a humble Panasonic TZ7 compact camera on the fully automatic setting. Simple as that, the camera did it all.
Photography is all about light, not about cameras.
Steve Gale said…
Just as well in this case Jono.
Steve Gale said…
Good luck with the Plumed Fan-foot Bill. I saw it at the bottom of White Downs, off of the road that runs down to the Westcott-Abinger road.
Unknown said…
I like them all Steve.
Steve Gale said…
Thank you Andrew
Factor said…
Love them all Steve
Steve Gale said…
Cheers Neil. As you know, you get big skies at Dungeness.
Yossarian said…
All the more remarkable for it. Lovely shots.

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