Saturday, 21 October 2017

The life of Brian

Storm Brian. 

Doesn't sound all that menacing, does it? The Met Office (or whoever gets the job to name these storms) could have come up with far better names beginning with B. Like Storm Beelzebub. Or Storm Badass. Not Brian...

However, Brian it was that knocked on Dungeness's door today, and kicked off the morning with a SWf6 and at times reached an 8, but never really hit the strengths that had been suggested a few days ago. However, some vicious squalls set in, and if you were unlucky to get caught in one then a change of clothing was definitely in order. I rode out most of them by cowering behind hides or containers.

The high tide at 13.00hrs unleashed some water incursion through the shingle bank, a lot of spray and a wild seascape by Dungeness standards. The birds largely kept away. No unusual, or interesting sea passage was observed. Brian failed to deliver.


Derek Faulkner said...

Apparently, the Met Office had no intention of giving this storm a name, seeing it as just a normal autumn storm, but the Irish Met Office decided otherwise and gave it the name Brian and so we had to continue with it.

Steve Gale said...

Thanks Derek, maybe there are plenty of angry and frightening Brians all over Ireland then