The H word


Some of you might be getting sick and tired of reading about them. Especially those of you who have been forlornly chasing them. But, as a man once said, "If you're tired of Hawfinches, you're tired of birding." Or something like that.

Anyhow, I went back to Headley Heath this afternoon for another dose of the 'H' word, where I was joined by Ian Jones and later by a handful of other birder's that included David Stubbs. Unlike yesterday, the birds were not lining up like good little girls and boys to be counted easily, and by the afternoon's end the final tally was a bit of a guess, with a minimum of 26 but possibly as many as 35. The largest flock was of seven. If you are after closer and more prolonged views, then it is best to  position yourself to the east of the two valleys I mentioned yesterday, looking westwards towards High Ashurst. Most of the action took place in the adjacent canopy, with small flocks zipping about and frequently alighting to keep the scopes in use. There was still a bit of valley hopping going on earlier, which Ian and I witnessed from 13.45 hrs, resulting in 18 birds seemingly leaving the immediate area. Our last sighting was at 16.05hrs.

Where else are they lurking? That's my birding project chosen for the rest of the year then...


laurence.d said…
Enigmatic, elusive,still my favorite bird...
Steve Gale said…
Couldn't agree more Laurence

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