Thursday, 26 November 2020

Mistle on mistle

Reigate Heath was the starting point this morning, where the birding quiet was broken by this Mistle Thrush that kept guard over a clump of Mistletoe, feeding on the berries in between bouts of sitting out proud. After meeting up with Brother-in-law Bill, we took a circular walk that included much of Buckland, highlights being 18 Red-legged Partridge, a Little Owl and 150+ Redwing. Further clumps of Mistletoe were seen, including some heavy with fruit.


Stewart said...

Nice evocative shots there Steve. A lovely bird in a classic setting.

The only clump of mistletoe Ive seen in Northumberland was one of about 3 feet across on an old pear, I think, ironically in the grounds of a local garden centre on the A1. For some reason the tree was felled, so I think it could be extinct in the county now.

Steve Gale said...

We have plenty of Mistletoe here Stewart, in some places it borders on infestation.