Satellite of hope

A mild spell of weather during the 'dark' months of November, December and January will alert most keen students of moths to switch on the MV/actinic trap. Apart from the small selection of species that are still on the wing during the winter there is the chance of picking up a few migrants, especially if the mild weather is due to the airflow coming up from North Africa and Iberia - and that is the case right now.

There have been migrants coming to the Banstead MV over the past couple of nights, but so far have been confined to just the expected - a few Silver Y and Udea ferrugalis. However, hope is high, as there are plenty of high value moths being recorded along the south coast and in SE England. Last night's haul here was fair, with a cast of late-autumn regulars that included this Satellite. The trap is on once more. My walk out to inspect it in the morning will be one filled with more hope than usual.


Stewart said…
I am always interested in advice on Soc Media about migrant moths appearing, but sadly for us its generally a non starter. We do get oddities but they seem like true vagrants rather than part of a predictable fall. Only one migrant last night for me out of 6 species - a lone Rusty Dot Pearl. Hope you are more successful Steve...
Steve Gale said…
Just the single Silver Y last night Stewart.

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