A few longhorn beetles

A few invertebrate images from yesterday afternoon's visit to Headley Heath. Once I start looking down rather than up, I know the summer is here...

Stenocorus meridianus, a big brute of a longhorn that just wouldn't keep still for me. Thanks to Martin Fowlie for correcting my identification.

Anaglyptus mysticus  - and very smart too

My favourite species from the Headley Heath session was this Rhagium mordax

If you fancy finding some longhorn beetles for yourself find a few recently felled tree trunks like this and just spend 15-20 minutes nosing around. Look under the peeling bark but try not to break it off.


martinf said…
Great selection, that first one is Stenocorus meridianus aka Variable Longhorn, another brute of a longhorn
Steve Gale said…
Ah, thanks Martin! My bad...

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