A soapy sky

After yesterday's biblical deluge, this morning at Canons Farm was spent in a visually and aurally muffled arena, the oppressive air weighted, and not a breath of wind. A low, pearly, soapy sky added to the feeling of claustrophobia. I hadn't visited here for a few weeks, so it was good to be back. The footpaths and 'public' areas have never looked so choked with vegetation. Although a bit too early to expect passerine migrants, it was still worth checking the tit flocks that I came across, as it has been known for the odd goody - such as a Wood Warbler - to put in a late-July appearance. Bird-wise, highlights were a minimum of 130 Common Swifts wheeling above the farmland, plus three Sand Martins that moved quickly through. The late-summer build up of Wood Pigeons has started, with 500+ already haunting the fields. The next few weeks should see things pick up here - it is always worth my while checking the crop edges for warblers, and the hedgerows for chats. Easy, laid back birding...


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