I've just read this and, if it's true, I am disgusted.

Disgusted at the lack of concern for the residents.

Disgusted at the mean spirit of most those present (do the maths).

Ashamed to claim to be a part of the 'birding' fraternity.

If you can read the link and remain unconcerned, then I really do worry about our hobby - and a hobby is what it is, unless you are lucky enough to be paid to do it.

Why don't those who are guilty just bugger off and take up less disguised social crimes such as vandalism and theft. Pathetic.


Graham James said…
That is bloody disgraceful, Steve.
No wonder so many birders want to distance themselves from the twitching scene these days. It would seem, from what Lee has posted, that this wasn't just a few mindless birders but a large proportion of them and the damage they have done to the image of birders in general is immense. And the selfish b*st*ds who didn't donate to help poor Daisy should hang their heads in shame.
FAB said…
Acceptable 'english' can't describe how I feel about these mindless cretins who readily violate property and the lives of others in this way.
Steve Gale said…
Graham and Frank: at least I know that there are many, indeed the vast majority, who are morally upstanding birders such as yourselves. This has really annoyed me.
Factor said…
Unfortunately, this is what happens when twitching mania (or addiction to birding) strikes. People become selfish and not themselves. The mob mentality takes over. Shameful, but predictable.
Sandpiper1944 said…
Well, no surprises Steve.

It seems that a large number of birders currently are of the sort of twats that are so desperate to tick a bird like OTD that they will do pretty much whatever it takes. Most probably didn't even know what one was a couple of weeks back, still can't identify one now and had pretty poor views of it anyway.

I feel no connection to these twats whatsoever, and feel even less obligation to have them twatting about like the great big twats they are on my local patch.
Thing said…
The link has been removed - does the text exist elsewhere? I'd seen a couple of sarcy comments knocking about but didn't know if there was any foundation in it, so would be interested to know what it's all about. Purely to maintain the moral high ground of the patch birder of course... ;-)
Steve Gale said…
Hi Thing (your River Thames updates are sorely missed!) Apparently there was a spot of fence vandalism (in sight of the residents), mini-scale trespass and 400 birders produced a grand collection of £140 for the locals good causes.
Sandpiper1944 said…
It's amazing that despite all the moaning about suppression currently, these halfwits haven't got the nous to behave themselves a little bit better and put their hands in their pockets.

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