Of Hobbits and moss

I took a day's holiday today, and rather than look at empty fields at Canons Farm, drown in mud at Beddington or dodge the dog's mess at Holmethorpe, I thought that I'd try and bump my moss list up and took myself off to Friday Street in deepest Surrey. The area is on the Lower Greensand and is characterised by wooded heath with muddy mire valleys. The narrow lanes wind through steep banks which are festooned with ferns and mosses (see above). It's all quite dark and oppressive for an open downland boy like me, more like a scene from a Tolkien novel rather than that of a Hardy...

How did I get on? I don't know yet. I took plenty of pictures and had the 'Mosses and Liverworts' guide with me, but have yet to seriously try and sort out the evidence. I'll get back to you.


David Campbell said…
will they be empty when the Stone-curlews are in them soon?

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