What a difference 50 miles makes

Visiting friends who were staying on the West Sussex coast at Bracklesham Bay, I was surprised by how much more advanced the roadside vegetation was here. The Hemlock was head high, the Common Mallow well out and a medley of thistles on the go. Back home the Hemlock is knee-high, the Common Mallow is only just beginning and as for the thistles, they're more stop than go. I can only assume that being 50 miles further south equated to a milder and kinder few months for these plants, hence a more normal flowering time. North Surrey is still catching up.


Jerry said…
Amazing the difference just 50 miles makes, Steve. I get the feeling here in my garden, everything will grow masses more if we get some sun this week.
Steve Gale said…
I do hope you are right Jerry, the wildflowers could do with a shot in the arm to get properly going
Paul Trodd said…
Steve hi, my nipper lives in Bracklesham Bay and I`m constantly amazed at how much warmer it is down there than at Dunge. Apparently its something to do with the shielding effect of the Isle of Wight... You`ve only got to look at the field crops where large acreages of warmth-loving maize are grown, also nearby Bognor claims to be the `sunniest town in England`. By the by RSPB are creating an impressive wetland at Bracklesham, so watch this space... Cheers, Paul
Steve Gale said…
I think I need to persuade my daughters to move to birding friendly areas when they fly the nest. I didn't get the chance to pop along to the new RSPB wetland, but it will make for a great addition to the area, what with Selsey and Pagham up the road.

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