Monday, 12 August 2013

The Magic Roundabout

Sutton town centre is pedestrianised and during the summer months a children's fun-fair roundabout is present.It is what you'd expect from such a ride - small cars, buses, planes and horses for the little tots to sit on as they are propelled in gentle circles - but the music that accompanies them is not!

My head was first turned by the use of 'People are Strange' by The Doors - not the normal expected fayre of 'Laughing Policeman', 'Agadoo' or 'The Birdy Song'. When I returned fifteen minutes later it seemed as if the proprietor was playing the 'Strange Days' album in its entirety. Two days later The Crazy World of Arthur Brown were belting out 'Fire', a few days after that I heard Led Zeppelin's first album and today it was some weird West-Coast American psycadelic rock that I couldn't identify*.

I checked out the bloke in charge of the ride and he looked blissfully unaware of the music and didn't look like the sort of person who would be into that sort of stuff. So, where has the musical choice come from? And do the kiddies on the ride have nightmares about 'faces coming out of the rain' and people 'wanting them to burn'? Bizarre.

Just in case you're wondering what this has to do with natural history, there is a parrot painted on the side skirting of the roundabout. And a Pied Wagtail was walking about taking in the sounds.

*Talking to a work colleague about this, he reported hearing 'Paint it Black' by The Stones blasting out from the roundabout last week.


Jerry said...

This made me smile Steve. Unlike another example of a song disturbingly out of context when sitting in my garden last week and hearing a little 6 year old girl singing "I want your body, everybody wants your body so lets Jack" hmmmm!

Steve Gale said...

Innocence is fast going out of fashion Jerry.