Crystal Pallas?

Millions are spent on bird food each year. The membership of the RSPB is between 1-2 million. Plenty of birders head into the field with thousands of pounds worth of optical and camera equipment around their neck. How long will it be before the chairmen of English football clubs decide that a bit of rebranding might entice a little bit of the 'ornithological pound' into the game?

Aston Pitta
Crystal Pallas
Gull City
Queens Park Stringers
Tottenham Longspurs

Blackburnian Rovers

Ipswich Sparrows
Wigannet Athletic

League 1
MK Poms
Crow Alexandra
Chesterfield Fares
Fleetwood Sandpipers

League 2
LRP Wimbledon
Dagenham & Redshank

Any more out there?

(With thanks to the Bard of Littlestone and his merry men)

In other news: Groundhog Day locally with the same birds being seen in the same places (including the Ewell Little Egret, below),  apart from the Priest Hill Stonechats, that may well have moved on.


Paul Trodd said…
The Bard of Littlestone assures me that he had nothing to do with, `Queens Park Stringers`, but I`m not so sure...
Steve Gale said…
Paul, I can neither confirm or deny...

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