The birding Oscars

Tomorrow in LA, the film industry meets to decide which movie deserves to be awarded an Oscar. In honour of this, that motley crew of birders at Dungeness have come up with a selection of film titles that have been inspired by bird names. Read them and weep...

Chariots of Firecrests
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Roadrunner
Look Back in Anhinga
The Dam Bustards
101 Dalmatian Pelicans
Raiders of the Lost Auk
Sex, lies and Vireotape
A Taste of Honey Buzzard
2001 a Space Osprey
From Wheatear to Eternity
Catbird on a Hot Tin Roof
Mrs Minivet
Greenshank Redemption
Black Lark Down!
The Rocky-hopper Picture Show
Nightjar on Elm Street
Texas Cranesaw Massacre
Fall of the House of Upcher
Day of the Tripits
Butch Cassowary and the Sunbittern Kid
Easy Eider
You only live Twites

So I had to join in...

Acrocephalus Now!
The Eider Sanction
For whom the red polls
On the waterthrush
Taxi Diver
Wuthering Kites
Day of the Grackle
Close encounters of a turdus kind

You can tell it's been a slow winter down there.


GeoffB said…
Raging Bullfinch ;-)

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