Red Kite interlude

Locally, there seems to be a bit more avian action, although I have only managed to add House and Sand Martin to the year list, both birds accompanying 2 Swallows as they moved rapidly northwards across fields at Mogador - a neatly packaged collection of hirundines. My only other observation of note was a Red Kite at Colley Hill. It alighted on the steep slope and picked up a dark object which, at first, I could not identify. Then the kite gained height before dropping said object and then catching it, repeating this process several times. What was it? A tied plastic bag that I would guess was full of dog mess...

STOP PRESS: an evening visit to Priest Hill, Ewell revealed eight Northern Wheatear together in the largest paddock, plus a my first Common Whitethroat of the year close by (no. 84)


Gibster said…
Saw my first White-bellied Sea Eagle yesterday, kinda gobsmackingly awesome and easily big enough to carry off a bag of dog mess, the dog AND its owner!
Steve Gale said…
Seth, I saw that same species in Malaysia, at Kuala Selangor. As you say, awesome.

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