A wet arrival

Arrived at Dungeness in the rain at 08.00hrs and within the hour had 'ticked' Messers Walker, Hollingworth, Casemore and Greenland. These fine fellows will be my companions over the next few weeks. It is good to be surrounded by so much competence.

The recent run of easterlies/northerlies have morphed into westerlies. Although not a normally hoped for wind direction, they are not strong, and there are so many rarities dotted around the country that there will be a great deal of wandering going on amongst them (not to mention those that are yet to be discovered). Hopes are quite high down here...

Despite the wet, three Short-eared Owls, a late Hobby, Merlin and Peregrine were all logged. I missed the Rough-legged Buzzard, but this is day three of its stay - maybe it likes the area and will settle down for longer. It should be dry tomorrow. The birding should be easier. Bring it on!


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