Early Purple Orchids

A visit to any north Surrey deciduous woodland at the moment will be rewarded with literally millions of Bluebells. They are having a good year, and are early - two weeks ago the show at Gatton was virtually at its peak. But in amongst the haze of blue, if you are lucky, you might be able to detect a clash of colour - a purple interloper. Thanks to a tip off from Gordon Hay, my wife and I visited Ranmore Common this morning, to pay homage to a colony of 1,000 spikes of Early Purple Orchid. They were easily found and we spent an enjoyable time in their presence. A fine cross-section of woodland ground flora was also on show. Catch it while you can!


Unknown said…
Just got back from our annual homage to Denbies Hillside woods & yes the early purple orchids are looking majestic. Aside from the main group we found a couple of very tall but isolated examples further into the woodland. I'd love to know what is so special about that habitat that allows the orchids to thrive bearing in mind other plant species growing there are so widespread.
BTW whitethroat & blackcap were to be seen in numbers I've not witnessed before.
Steve Gale said…
Thanks for the comment Simon. Funny you should mention the Whitethroat numbers - today has seen unprecedented numbers at Priest Hill.
Lee Firth said…
I've never seen early purple orchids in a woodland setting. I only ever see them in the limestone dales of the Peak District...growing on grassland.
Ghostly vision said…
Hello Steve, Mike Waller and I were interested in using your early purple shot for the forthcoming "Britain's orchids" guide. Could you email me please if you'd be happy for us to use it?
seancole65 - at - yahoo.co.uk



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