Seasonal switch

Priest Hill had the feeling of early-summer this afternoon - the Whitethroats (above) and Linnets were busily singing and squabbling amongst themselves; the bare earth was parched and showing cracks; the water levels of the small ponds are receding by the day. There were some indications of spring passage however, with a Lesser Whitethroat that sang as it (quickly) made its way along a hedgerow and out of the recording area, plus two male Northern Wheatears in Big Field - and I resisted the temptation to take any more photos!


Dry but cold for the time of year!
Derek Faulkner said…
Still waiting for our Whitethroats to turn up, plus our large reed beds still only have a couple each of Reed and Sedge Warblers.
Steve Gale said…
And colder still on Tuesday!
Steve Gale said…
The south-west headlands seem to have been knee-deep in migrant warblers this week Derek. This morning I had a minimum of 12 Whitethroats at Priest Hill.

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