The magical fallen tree

Another brief foray to Canons Farm, mainly to visit a fallen tree in Owl Meadow that was acting as an ornithological magnet - my first scan with the binoculars revealed single Common Redstart, Whinchat (below) and Spotted Flycatcher (above) - good going for a dry inland site. There was a smattering of migrants nearby, including 3 Wheatear, 2 Willow Warbler and a Lesser Whitethroat.

After several days of feeling under the weather I seem to have turned a corner - maybe, with my powers restored, that lurking rarity is about to be unearthed...


Marc Heath said…
That's a cracking little list there. Wouldn't mind a few of them here. The rarity is out there somewhere waiting to be found.
Marc Heath said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve Gale said…
I can't complain Marc - this site has produced some good birds over the years.

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