Autumnal moths

The contents of a moth trap by late September is a wonderful collection of autumnal colours - russets and chestnuts, browns and blacks, oranges and yellows - with subtlety taking over from the garishness of summer. A few moths from this morning included (clockwise from top left) Black Rustic, Autumnal Rustic, Beaded Chestnut and Lunar Underwing. Normally by now I would have recorded a good cross-section of the 'sallow' moths, but they have been strangely missing.


Dave Boyle said…
Haven't seen them for a few years but Autumnal Rustic & Black Rustic are two of my favourite moths
Steve Gale said…
I doubt if you've been in the UK during their flight times recently Dave. I could keep a couple in the fridge for you...

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