Monday, 18 December 2017

Flora Britannica in 2017

Frog Orchid, Pewsey Downs, Wiltshire, June
I recently said to a fellow naturalist that I hadn't really spent a lot of time looking at plants in 2017, but looking back through my notebooks I did have my moments! Admittedly I didn't wander far from Surrey, but when I did one or two special plants popped up, including my first ever observation of Hog's Fennel, a mass of the stuff on the Tankerton slopes (Kent) in August. Here are a few photographic highlights...

Marsh Cinquefoil, Dungeness, Kent, May
Sea Clover, Camber, East Sussex, June
Musk Orchid, Box Hill, Surrey, July
Broad-leaved Cudweed, Surrey, July


Mick Lacey said...

How did your Cut-leaved Germander go on this year Steve? I seem to remember you posting once that the field had not been ploughed and it had not shown that particular year, but came back the next.

Steve Gale said...

Mick, it is not in the best of condition at its main wild site, although work has been done this month to remedy that! However, at a 'nursery site' where Surrey seed is being propagated it is doing really well - just in case!