Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Backlit bulrushes

Sometimes the birding can get stodgy - little is on show, you seem to be watching the same birds, inspiration is in short supply - and at times like these you grab at anything that excites. This morning found me squelching through the mud at Holmethorpe, a little bit jaded, when I came across the Bulrush bed at Spynes Mere. It was a delight on the eye, the backlit bulrush heads revealing cotton-wool edges to the cigar shaped tops. All that was missing was a feeding Penduline Tit...


bob smith said...

Hi Steve
Beautiful photographs of bulrushes -I could see the intricate patterning evolving
into one of your paintings.


Steve Gale said...

Thanks Bob. That thought had crossed my mind as well! Hope all is well with you.