Lazy Sunday

#BWKM0 ND&B garden challenge
DAY 10 

I get the impression that our gardens up and down the country have not been getting as much attention as they have done during the rest of our 'laid-back' competition. It could be that we are observing Sunday as a day for spending time with those that we are locked down with, or, if we find ourselves on our own, a case of recharging the batteries before further observation in the coming weeks. The cold and frequent sleety showers must have also put a few of us off. It did me, although a few gazes out of the window revealed not a lot going on, save for the fourth garden record of Peregrine, following on from yesterday's third. The news this morning appears to be preparing us for the possibility of living this current way of life until at least the beginning of June. That's another eight or nine weeks.

It's not too late to join our band of birding brothers - we don't, as yet, have a sister amongst us...


New entries

Mark D (Dorking, Surrey)
Garden list of 59 species.
Highlights include Mediterranean Gull and Firecrest.

This brings our 'garden collective' up to 30.


Garden firsts

Ed S (Farncombe, Surrey) - Skylark
There have now been 14 garden firsts across the competition.


Garden focus

Mark D (Dorking, Surrey) has views SW to the Nower and NW to the downs.
The car park of the Uig Hotel on Skye is just one of the vantage points that Seth G has access to.
Michael D has views of Dunstanburgh Castle and the North Sea from his Craster garden.
Steve T (Ewell, Surrey) will obviously spend as much time mowing his lawn as searching it for a Hoopoe!

News from around the gardens

Sam B (Enniskeane, Cork, EireSnipe and Redwing have increased his total to 40 species.

Richard P's (Charmouth, Dorsettotal stands at 44 species so far, which includes a Sandwich Tern seen this morning.

Dylan W (Thanet, Kenthas jumped up to 33 species, courtesy of some flyby Cormorants.

Wes A (Capel, SurreyRaven and Common Gull brings his total up to 63.

Michael D (Craster, Northumberland) has been watching a steady stream of Gannets north, and has a tally of 38 species.

Dave B (Chatham Islands, Pacific Oceanmay only have accumulated 16 species so far, but they do include a calling Tui! He is threatening to spotlight some petrels over his garden tonight.

Mark D (Dorking, Surreyis currently on 39 species.

Steve C (Guildford, Surreyis currently on 32 species.


Gavin Haig said…
Update from Bridport, Steve. Slow going here, with Jay added yesterday but nowt today. Still no hirundine...
Ric said…
Out of curiosity Steve, what is our collective list up to? we've had a fair old spread of species already.

I haven't had a count up of mine yet, but I've resident Tawny Owls across the road.
Gill Hollamby said…
Hi Steve,
You’ve spurred me to join you but Not sure how. Although I don’t think I shall be any threat to any if you.
Keep safe
Steve Gale said…
Hi Gill, I’ve emailed you. Come on board!
bob smith said…
Hi Steve
I would like to join the garden watch challenge:
Worcester Park, Surrey : 86 species(53 in and 33 over). Highlights: Hen and Marsh Harrier
Grey Plover, Bar-tailed Godwit, Short-eared Owl.
Interestingly the LPO(French Bird Protection society) together with Museum national d'Histoire
naturelle are also launching a garden bird watch. They are in good company!
Steve Gale said…
Consider it done Bob! Pleased for you to join us.
Stewart said…
Oh dear Steve, my garden has dried up! Two days of bitter northerlies and the birds have done one...still if it changes they will return. This morning I added Mallard, a pair flying low overhead and Grey Heron passing the mallards in the opposite direction. Total now stands at 43. Cheers.
Gibster said…
Made it into the twenties with Song Thrush, Blue Tit, Redpoll, Goldfinch, Curlew and Goldcrest (can you guess which one was not in the hotel bushes?) Now on 22 species...oh dear, lol.

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