Reigate Ring-necked Duck

On a modestly sized park pond in Reigate, Surrey (Priory Park), this female Ring-necked Duck has turned up to spend the winter for the second successive year. The pond does punch above its weight (more a small lake really) by enticing Shoveler, Teal, Gadwall and Wigeon to also spend some quality time there. My good friend Gordon Hay first found this bird back in December 2020, and located it again in December 2021. It can often be found at the far end of the water, often with a handful of Tufted Ducks, and allows close approach. Last year it switched to Holmethorpe Sand Pits before the season was out - it will be interesting to see whether it does so again.


Gibster said…
Brings back memories of the Bourne Hall bird, also on a seemingly unlikely Surrey pond and allowing a close approach. Happy New Year to you buddy!
Steve Gale said…
And to you Seth. The comparison to the Bourne Hall bird is strong - that, too, returned.
Conehead54 said…
She is a beauty! I saw her back in October last year. She wasn't obvious as I'd done a circuit of the lake without finding her-only a single Tufted Duck the only Aythya I'd seen! On a second circuit she appeared (I think she'd been hidden in a fallen willow earlier) & gave some wonderful views. I was impressed with the number of Wigeon present on what looks like a fairly ordinary town park lake-c30 birds. Just one pair of Shoveler sleeping amongst the dying back Bog Bean. May well visit again next week.
Steve Gale said…
Great to hear from you Conehead! The lake does punch above its weight, that’s for sure.

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