Plume time

I had reason to try out my recent book purchase (Colin Hart's excellent plume moth book), as this mornings back garden MV 'haul' comprised a Spring Usher and a plume moth sp. If I am honest I thought that the plume was Amblyptilia acanthadactyla, and so it proved, rendering using the book to crack a difficult identification redundant, although I did learn a lot about the species by reading the thorough account (including the English name of Beautiful Plume). This morning I also saw an Early Moth, resting on a wall at Banstead Station.

(Macro: 1 Micro: 1)


Jerry said…
Steve, this year you've recorded twice as many moths in your garden than I have! ps good luck with the micros this year - are you into chopping them up?
Steve Gale said…
Hi Jerry, your back garden moths will soon flood in! I don't do any gen det on the moths I trap as I prefer to let them go, plus I leave that sort of thing to the experts. If I need to retain a specimen for confirmation then I will, so I'm not morally sound!

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