Slipping down the league

The more popular this pan-species lark gets, the further down the list I go. If I were a man I would learn all of my mosses, liverworts and lichens, befriend an insect expert, string like hell and haul my sorry ass up into the play-off positions (that's 3rd - 6th for you non-Football types). Fat chance...

1st: Jonty Denton (10,535)
2nd: Dave Gibbs (9,506)
3rd: Mark Telfer (6,169)
4th: Malcolm Storey (5,284)
5th: John Palmer (5,280)
6th: Graeme Lyons (3,713)
7th: Martin Harvey (3,681)
8th: Sarah Patton (3,327)
9th: Nicola Bacciu (3,253)
10th: Matt Prince (3,217)
11th: Jonathan Newman (3,013)
12th: Steve Gale (3,012)
13th: Tony Davis (2,953)
14th: Seth Gibson (2,495)
15th: Rob Woodall (2,328)
16th: Jeff Blincow (2,170)
17th: Mark Skevington (1,983)
18th: Graham French (1,943)
19th: Stuart Dunlop (1,404)
20th: Josh Jenkins-Shaw (1,342)
21st: Clive Washington (1,060)
22nd: Sami Webster (900)
23rd: Robert Smith (894)
24th: James Harding-Morris (876)

To read more about this heroic list of competitors, click on their names for an entertaining read.


Jerry said…
Perhaps your cat has some interesting fleas or maybe you need to get into bacteria! Just a thought Steve?
Steve Gale said…
There is a flaw in your masterplan Jerry - bacteria don't count! On the other hand, cat's fleas do...
With a wide remit of the whole of the UK, maybe a trip north of the border is a good idea?
Mark G. Telfer said…
You don't really need to travel far to rack up a big pan-species list: Jennifer Owen recorded at least 2,673 species (covering all wildlife groups) in her Leicester garden over a 30-year period!

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