Ushering in the moth year

The MV went out into the garden last night for its first outing of the year. A hazy cloud cover kept the moon at bay and it was very mild, an overnight low of 7C being suggested. When I inspected the trap it was empty, although sitting on the wall above it, and being the first garden moth of 2012, was this Spring Usher.

I will keep a back garden moth year list for 2012. It will be interesting to compare it to those from 1987-1996 (when I stopped year listing my moths). I'll keep you posted.

(Macro: 1 Micro: 0)


Anonymous said…
Nice one, Steve. I`m hoping to connect with one on my patch. Might try a bit of lamping/netting during the week.
Very nice. I have run the trap twice this year but nothing. This inspires me to keep trying.
Steve Gale said…
Dean: I'll be intrigued to find out how you get on

Andrew: Yesterday was blank - the traps out again tonight again, so fingers crossed

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