Saturday, 12 January 2013

More crows and gulls

After dismissing crows and gulls in my last post I found myself at Holmethorpe Sand Pits this afternoon watching mostly... crows and gulls - I can't keep away from them. Or is it just that they form the largest components of bird biomass in my area?

Anyhow, a good 3,000 gulls were loafing around the landfill and water bodies with at least 2,000 being Herring Gulls. I reckon the gull above is a first-winter Yellow-legged Gull, present on the Water Colour lagoons, but if any of you larophiles out there think I've made a schoolboy error then please let me know.

The crow part of the day was by courtesy of 1,500 Jackdaws gathering to roost. This many Jackdaws cackling away at once is an inspiring experience when you are in the middle of them.

This year has already lost it's lustre - that's not to say that I'm disenchanted, just that the newness has rubbed off, the resolutions are in tatters and reality has set in. 2013 is well and truly here - let the games begin.

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