Monday, 4 February 2013

Pan-listing update

Click here to see an updated list of all of those geeks, saddos, boffins and freaks who make up Mark Telfer's pan-listing league table. I'm proud to count myself among them, even if my slide down the list makes me aware that I need to undertake a bit of serious field action this year to stabilise my position. Maybe it's time to get that pesky mosses and liverworts book off the shelf once more. I'm currently on 3,182 species. I would hope to haul my sorry arse up into the 3,500+ region by the years end.

Talking of books, Peter Marren's Mushrooms book is nothing short than a shot of pure mycological adrenalin into the arm that has got me really excited about looking for fungi again. I did quite a bit in the autumn of 2011 but haven't since - don't ask me why. He doesn't make any bones about the difficulty of identification within some groups but makes it clear that he thinks it's alright to walk away if confused. Not many writers consider this action to be the most sensible option when confronted by difficulties! I like  such thinking.

Left is a group of Scarlet Waxcaps, taken in November 2011 on the green at Ebernoe Common in West Sussex, a fungi hotspot if ever there was one. Another 'old' image recycled to get us all in the mood...


Stewart said...

I am half way through that very fungi book right now Steve...I cant identify ANY fungi except Shaggy Inkcap and Parasol Mushroom...:(

Steve Gale said...

I bet you can identify many more than that! By the way Stewart, are you a geek, saddo, boffin or freak?