10 things

What is currently 'getting my goat'

1. The Sainthood of Sir Alex Ferguson - less fuss would have been made if The Queen had murdered Barak Obama with her sceptre.
2. Adult birders giving themselves Twitter names like 'TopBirder74' or 'KingTickerBoy'. Grow up.
3. This cold, shitty weather.
4. The incestuous back-slapping that goes on between birders, congratulating each other on 'brilliant id skills' and bestowing the title of 'legend' on anybody that has been birding longer than 12 months. Come back in 40 years time and claim such things, by all means.
5. Me. What a miserable, bitter fool.
6. Simon Cowell.He cannot tell a Tree from a Meadow Pipit imho.
7. Text shorthand like 'imho' - ffs!!
8. Upward inflection at the end of a spoken sentence when it isn't a question.
9. The change in shape of Cadbury's chocolate bars - now all curved and smooth rather than sharp-angled chunks.
10. Lists like this. It's creative laziness.


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