"The world isn't like The Wind in the Willows"

Guess who said:

"There's much more reality here (in New Zealand). Everyone's much more clued up to diseases. The world isn't like The Wind in the Willows."


"I get slightly bored with these rather high-profile public entertainers sort of bossing around on this stuff."

Yes, it's Cabinet Minister for the Environment Owen Paterson, speaking in New Zealand about the proposed badger cull in the UK and a very thinly veiled attack on Dr Brian May.

This is the same minister who stormed out of a debate on the cull in the House of Commons saying "I can't stand any more of this". Well, do you know what matey, I can't stand any more of you pal. If you cannot discuss this cull like an adult, if you cannot talk with reason, if you cannot behave like the public servant you are meant to be, then please resign. And take your self-serving mate Benyon with you.

Wildlife is not a commodity.

Listen to the impartial scientific experts and not those who are paid by those with a vested interest to cull badgers.

If somebody disagrees with your views don't storm off or dismiss them with your (not very clever or funny) put downs. Being a politician should suggest that you have intellect. Use it. If you don't possess it then get another job.

Please take a few moments to watch this short video - an impassioned naturalist 'telling it how it is'



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