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My first recommendation today is for the second book in the British Wildlife Collection series, the subject being Meadows (click here for details). If it is half as good as the first (Mushrooms) it will be well worth purchasing. I'm not on commission by the way, but I am keen for independent publishers like British Wildlife to succeed, as it benefits those of us who like natural history books that are well produced, are written for the informed amateur and that add something worthwhile to the body of  literature.

Secondly, please take a peek at Parus's blog (click here). I do like to read about other's birding experiences, especially when they are laced with humour and self-deprecation. This site does exactly that.

It is now May (just in case you hadn't noticed). When I used to do nothing but bird (as opposed to look at other things that are in the wild), May was second only to October as my 'favourite' month. Now, what with other interests vying for attention, the months I hanker after the most are June and July. These used to be my least favourite months (being full of quiet fledgers and moulters, lack of birdsong and little movement). Having said that, waders were well on the move of course, but such things could be conveniently overlooked.

Funny how time changes everything.


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