A message from Blogger

It has come to Blogger's notice that the following blog

North Downs and beyond

has violated the bloggers code and exceeded the number of complaints that we consider within a reasonable range. This company believe in transparency, so hereby publish some of these complaints in the hope that other bloggers do not err as has the individual who maintains the named blog.


Nature of offences:
rudeness, intolerance, pomposity, subject deviation, lack of knowledge, delusion

Examples of complaints and complainer:
"I am a birder, a middle-aged man and find his constant sniping at my demographic most unfair. He ought to look in the mirror himself, he's got to be at least eighty! His suggestion that we are all Mummy's-boys who don't possess social skills and hide behind our telescopes to mask this is just rubbish"

"He never tells us what he sees, just slags off those that do. An imbeccile."

"Why carnt (sic) he jus enjoy wot he does instead of moaning all the time"

"The man is a waste of space"

Blogger has suspended North Downs and Beyond and sent the 'owner' on a social skills and acceptance course. He has been warned about his conduct and asked to find each and every one of those that he has offended and apologise in person.

We do ask for calm in this instance. If you do see him in the field (highly unlikely) we wish it to be known that we do not condone stoning, the use of ducking stools or good old fashioned violence. Our recommendation is to ignore him. He may just go away.


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