Bogey laid to rest

There were Red Kites to the north of us, west of us and east of us. At one point there were two of them between me at the observatory and the Dungeness new lighthouse, but I somehow conspired to miss them. Mark H and I decided that the best place to see one would be at either Boulderwall (short stop was a negative) or the viewing ramp at Dengemarsh (almost the first bird we saw!) A bit of a tatty individual, but who's complaining?

A long overdue 'Dungeness tick'. Now, where's that Spoonbill...?


Gavin Haig said…
Blimey Steve, long overdue indeed! I think I've stayed at DBO maybe four times for a couple or three nights each and had a Red Kite about 20 years ago...when they were proper rare! ;)

Ooh, I wonder if I've got any other 'Steve Gale Dunge grippers'? :)
Steve Gale said…
Thrush Nightingale for one Gav...

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