Kernow interlude

Katrina and I have just returned from a long weekend at Bude, in Cornwall, courtesy of her sister Fiona and brother-in-law Bill. As much as most of our time was centred around good company, food and drink, plenty of room was made for walks along the cliff tops and the observation of the natural world. It is an area that we all love and know quite well.

My botanical highlight was the Spring Squill (above), being found on the cliff tops either side of Bude's sandy beaches. Efford Down was home to tens of thousands of plants, all in flower. They shared the turf with Thrift, Kidney Vetch and Scurvey-grass (I didn't specify the latter), and the photograph below illustrates just how they coloured the ground.

Rock Samphire roots exposed but clinging on
There are even breeding Wheatears!


I loved being in Boascastle in Cornwall!
Steve Gale said…
That, too, is a special place Simon.
Wow! Those views! Throw in breeding Wheatears and it's a wonder you came home Steve!
Steve Gale said…
I could have stayed Lucy, I could have stayed...
Stewart said…
Thats a lovely picture Steve, the flowers in the foreground and sea cliffs behind..
Steve Gale said…
Thanks Stewart, all I did was point and shoot!

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