I've fallen into a most agreeable state of 'being', here at Dungeness. The warm weather invites the donning of shorts and t-shirt, a symbolic farewell to the cold spring. Birds may be the primary target, but the vegetation is growing before our very eyes and new species are flowering on a daily basis; a good number of butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies are taking to the air to grab our attention; smells and sounds, sights and sites manoeuvre aliteratively for control of our senses. It might be a dramatic sky with puddle formations in the clouds, accompanied by thunder and lightening; maybe the gentle fragrance of the Nottingham Catchfly in sudden, sensory wafts; or a Bee-eater, silhouetted by the morning sun as it circles the old lighthouse, before gaining height to head back out to sea - all seen, heard or smelt over the last 48 hours in the company of others who also seek such things. These are some of the reasons that I return to Dungeness. Its magic continues.


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