Rescued from the folder

Any wander with a camera results in plenty of pictures being taken - those old enough to remember the days of film will recall how careful we were when taking a photograph, as each attempt was using up a precious exposure on the roll. Now, we can snap away without such fear - hence lots of images can go missing, get forgotten or languish in a folder on a computer's desktop. Here are four I've rescued from the past week...

Great Spotted Woodpecker at Canons Farm 
Young Robin in the back garden after having taken a bath in the pond
Green Hairstreak along Chipstead Bottom, one of several seen
Fly Orchids, Chipstead Bottom, more spikes starting to flower


Love the robin, and the green hairstreak has such a lovely colour.
Steve Gale said…
The upper wing of the Green Hairstreak is a pale hazelnut in sunlight, almost as striking as the underwing
Gibster said…
Green Hairstreaks have an upperwing?!?! ;)
Steve Gale said…
Don't often see it, as you've pointed out Seth

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